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Данная программа поможет Вам докемпилеровать класс (.class) файлы исходников java сборки (например l2jserver.jar, который находится в папке gameserver и login)

DJ Java Decompiler is able to decompile complex Java applets and binaries, producing accurate source code. DJ Java Decompiler is a stand-alone Windows application; it doesn’t require having Java installed! DJ Java Decompiler is not just Java decompiler and disassembler but it is also a fully featured Java editor using the graphic user interface with syntax-coloring. Using DJ Java Decompiler is easy.
Select Open and load your desired class file, or just double-click the CLASS file you want to decompile. DJ Java Decompiler supports drag-and-drop functions for OLE. You will see the source code instantly! In Windows Explorer Right mouse-button pop-up menu available too. You can decompile or disassembler a CLASS files on your computer hard disk or on a network drive that you have a connection to (you must have a full access rights or just change the default output directory for .jad files). You don’t need to have the Java Virtual Machine or any other Java SDK installed. But this latest release is able to compile, run, create JAR archives and run applets outside of the context of a Web browser when JDK is installed. With DJ Java Decompiler you can decompile more than one java class file at one time. This release enables users to decompile «dead» parts of code.

Link: Download
Программа пригодится начинающим, а также опытным пользователям.
Тип: Shareware (trial)

Ссылка на программу: Download


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