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L2jFree rev.6726 (Gracia Final)

28 июля, 2009 в 01:05 | paka


Команда: l2jfree
Сборка: 6726
Хроники: Gracia Final


— now every CreatureSay payket sent to a player will be snoop broadcasted
— Mounted Pets — Gold Lion & Steam Sledge
— added periodic purging to avoid having a LOT of unnecessarily pooled element/wrapper 
— Sync to L2JDP 6434: XML: «Word of Invitation» Requires a Summon Crystal on the target
— Sync to L2JDP 6432: JAVA/SQL: Added missing broadcast for sethero, and fix for HQ
— Multisell formatting and cleanup
— Fixing weaponDelay for NPC only bow (hopefully this values are correct…)
— Every ‘main’ class should be a subclass of L2Config somehow, and the proper initialization order will be guaranteed by the ClassLoader itself…
Small transformation cleanup
— From now the GM’s will see every log printed to the default output triggered by an admin command (so they will see exceptions, etc)
— Fixing geodata reloading
— Replacing Maps with LookupTable since it should be faster
— Removed some unused code
— Old contribution by heX1r0 that nobody ever commited, to prevents player starting private stores inside no store zones.
— Just a few spelling corrections in documentation.txt for quests.



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