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L2jFree rev.6822 (Gracia Final)

17 августа, 2009 в 14:02 | paka


Команда: l2jfree
Сборка: 6822
Хроники: Gracia Final

Изменения по отношению к 6764 ревизии

Synchronize of the add/remove players to/from instance to prevent list damage.
Fix for several transformations passive skills, for example, vanguard’s dualswork mastery 293.  Then trying to add skill with level greater than maximum — search and return sk…
Flying transformations now correctly displayed to the other players.
Fixed problem with items created by skill (Kamael Bolts, for example)
More retail like Clan Traders.
Option for disabling random walk.
Elemental stones should not add negative power if level is higher than allowed
Both trade partners can’t add anything into tradelist of one of them already confirm trade.
Merchant summon cleanup and AI NPE fix. Skill level calcunations moved to L2SummonInstance
Fix for element crystals not working.
Optimisations of the doormens
Only summoner classes should benefit from transfering 80% of the attach attribute from master to summon.
Resurrect experience restore cap 90%.
hellbound town update, script drop fixes
Implemented ISkillConditionChecker to check skillType dependent conditions before casting
Merged L2SkillChargeDmg.useSkill(), Blow.useSkill() and StrSiegeAssault.useSkill() into Pdam.useSkill()
Extracted some common skill type independent calls (charges, souls, lethal, etc) to SkillHandler…
base tower key skills added
mail fix and lil bbs change
Fix Kamaloka script again…
Fix for infinite (-1) duration for effects
Merging calcBlowDamage() into calcPhysDam()
Fix for Duel
* passing common variables as parameters
* implemented canStandUp()
* replaced some existing checks with canTarget()/isProtected()/isInvul()
* implemented canTarget() -> isProtected() -> isInvul()
* optimization and will return the newest value
Moved PvP flag related code from L2Character to L2PcInstance
* (and some related changes…)
L2JFree core:
* Fix randomly lost skill animation
* Test please, because if we send a packet after we are sure casting was not interrupted, client decides to reject it
PREVENTS the crafting error (invalid object id 0) and the fact that if the crafted object is a masterwork the player gets nothing. But still needs a check to get why getRareItemId() alw…
* balancing
* some tweak/optimization
Chat ban cleanup (there was 2 interfering style implemented…)
NPC’s objectId can change during normal operation, so mapping restrictions to it is bad -> removed the possibility
Fix for limit at shops at Integer.MAX_VALUE
ChangeFace, L2GameClientPacket
* warning cleanup
* skill validation
Skill XML
* revert and some cleanup again
* NPE fix
* missing packet
Various skill «adjustments»
* mostly revert of previous «adjustments»
* further comes



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