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Java Сборка L2J Server rev. 7391

9 мая, 2010 в 12:25 | izac


Разработчик: L2J Server
Размер: 17 mb
Хроники: Gracia Epiloque
Платформа: Java
Залито на: letitbit
год: 2010

Изминения:XML: Two «typo fixes» & Missing «Room of Splendor Key Skill», thanks …
XML: Fix for Ticket #4025.
fixed: [7362]
XML: Missing Stun Resistance.
XML: According to informations from official Server Maintenance — …
XML: Complete Skills Formating and some Fixes, big thanks skyshadow.

XML/SQL: Dynasty Jewels + Resistance.

XML: Fix for Ticket #4027, thanks Marselle for report.
SQL: player can’t sell baby pet in shop
Updating .classpath due to [L4135]
SQL: Removing monsters spawned inside Bayou Fortress
XML: 3rd Class Summons Skills (Rework).
XML: Fixes for Squad Skills, thanks xmaker.
HTM: Characters that are level 56 and above can no longer enter Cruma …
SQL: Some Armor crystal count & price, thanks Adry_85.
XML: Reverting «Lethal Blow» (client typo confirmed).
XML: Skill Sublime Self-Sacrifice, Require [L4153].

XML: Fixing typos in Ice/Wind Vortex debuffs, thanks Adry_85.
XML: Cleanup for [L4154].

fix zone
XML: The casting speed for the following talisman skills have increased …
XML: Detect Trap fix. After detecting trap player shouldn’t get pvp …
XML: Enchantable traps.
XML: Update 7384
XML: Mortal Strike skill only increase «Blow Rate» and not «Critical …
JAVA: npc info ai type by JIV.
XML/SQL: Boss Zones Rework (some «vertices, min Z & Max Z» updated to …
JYTHON: Fix bug player can’t start quest from npc HILDA
Fix for build.
javolution 5.5.1
Fix Teleport. You will need to remove flags manually.
Using iterators for remove from knownlists.
NPE fixes
fix: save crest id to database after removing the crest
sorry :/
FastSet?.shared() implementation FastCollection?.shared() depreciation.
to make you all happy, thx Intrepid and Cobra
javadoc for conditions
another crest fix
Not attacking minions fix.
fix cancellation bug
Core support for TARGET_PARTY_NOTME. Thx janiii.
Remove unused town zone parameters. Typo in chaotic town teleport (karma …
L2ArenaZone as well.
increase database unclosed connection check to 60 seconds
Fort siege guards fix. Merge stopAITask in AI’s.
Do not take pet exp if player is in arena or duel.


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